Taly's Travel: A wet summer in southern Golan, Kinneret

The Southern Golan Heights area offers an opportunity to get some fresh air and cool breeze, enjoy some wet activities and good food while staying safe.

With summer here, it’s a good time to go up to the mountains, get some fresh air and cool breeze, enjoy some wet activities and good food while staying safe. The Southern Golan Heights area offers exactly that, along with beautiful view of the Kinneret with several opportunities for new adventures.

What to do?

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The best activities for the hot and humid Israeli summer, in my opinion, are the wet ones, such as water sports at the lakes and kayaking on the Jordan River. Some new attractions have been added such as SUP and guided Kayak trips to the Jordan River outflow.

Kayaks at Abu-Kayak (Jordan Park)

Abu-Kayak offers kayak tours activities at the Jordan River Observatory. This popular activity has taken an interesting turn after this rainy winter that raised the Sea of Galilee water level to its peak. The narrow canals as known to kayaking enthusiasts have turned into small lakes by expanding greatly, as far as 200 meters from bank to bank, creating an African-like savannah. The newly flooded areas formed new watersheds and a unique natural area of vegetation submerged in the water creating a labyrinth of water paths and awakening wildlife.

While regular kayaking trips are scheduled, the new boutique kayak trips, led by Ilan Stern, head to that area. The kayaking trip begins in the Jordan River and ends at the foothills, with kayaks or boats, amid lush river-line vegetation. The enchanting atmosphere and the Sea of Galilee at the end make the experience unique, as the wading in the water and the chirping of the birds accompany it along the route. During the trip one can encounter water turtles, various fish and a wide variety of birds around.

The Savanna kayaking trip is available for groups. It is an extraordinary experience!

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